A Centennial Celebration!
May 19 - 23, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: What parking options do we have, besides the hotel’s?

Answer: The contracted parking rate for the AIS Convention is $15 per day for self-parking. It's convenient and practical. Newark Liberty International Airport offers mary parking options too. The following website offers answer to other parking possibilities on parking lots in and/or outside the airport area.

Q2: Can I bring my own food to the hotel?

Answer: As with many conventions, you may bring your own food to eat in your room. You may also stop by a local grocery store; but don't forget to bring a foldable cooler where you can place some of  the perishable items to keep in your room.

Q3; Where may I purchase food/groceries and pharmacy supplies close to the hotel?  

Anwer: We will have a list at the Convention Registration Desk. You may also check with the hotel's Concierge Desk. 

Q4: Are there mini-refrigerators in each room?

Answer: Mini-refrigerators are available for rent, but the hotel does not keep a large inventory of them. Check with the hotel for their availability and rate. 

Q5: How far is NYC from the hotel?

Answer: Located just 20 minutes (16 miles) from the city that never sleeps, you can enjoy easy travel to Manhattan by New Jersey Transit train, bus or taxi or via most popular ride-sharing apps. For example, 42nd Street @ Broadway is just 16 miles NW from the Hotel. For more information, check the hotel's Local Attractions webpage. 

Q6: How can I best get to NYC?

Answer:  Please check the following website to see available transportation choices from Newark Airport (EWR) to NYC. Whichever type of transportation you choose, whenever possible, travel in pairs or with friends and family.; groups trips can be cheaper (per person) this way. 

Q7: Are there Uber and Lyft services at Newark?

Answer: Most popular ride-sharing apps such just Uber and Lyft are available from at the airport and hotel.

Q8: What can we do at Liberty Park (one of the Optional Tours)?

Answer: Liberty Park is located right across the Hudson River from Manhattan. You can either stay in Liberty Park and attend the Liberty National Museum, or take one of the many ferries to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, or cross the river to Manhattan. There are many options when you get to the other side of the river. Please note that to go up the statue of Liberty you need a reservation, which is obtainable online. Count on several hours to do both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty tours. If you do not get a reservation you can still visit the Statue of Liberty, you just won''t be able to go all the way to the top of the statue. 

Q9: I have food restrictions, how can I let you know?  

Answer: There will be an area on the Registration Form.

Q10: I use a wheelchair sometimes.  Does the hotel have wheelchairs to rent? 

Answer: No, the hotel doesn't rent wheelchairs.  You would need to bring your own or make arrangements with a wheelchair rental store in Newark.

Q11: Does the hotel have Handicap Rooms?  

Answer: Yes, you will have to ask for one when making your hotel reservation.

Q12: What eating facilities are near the hotel?   

Answer: Unfortunately, not many because the hotel is within the Newark Airport area. But, Newark’s Ironbound District is approximately 3 miles from the hotel where you will find a large variety of places to eat.  Some will pick you up at the hotel and bring you back. 

The hotel is working with the “Food Truck Vendors” at the airport to see if they would be willing to offer services during our convention.
There are a few restaurants outside the security areas at the airport.  The Convention Committee will contact the airport to see which ones.
There will be lists of all of these places at the 2020 Convention Registration Desk.

Q13: Does the hotel have a shuttle service? 

Answer: Yes, the hotel has a shuttle service. Situated directly on the airport grounds, free shuttle service is offered to all EWR terminals, Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott. Call the hotel at 1-973-623-0006 upon arrival to have our shuttle come pick you up.

Q14: What airport is the closest to the hotel to fly into?  

Answer: Newark Liberty International Airport.

Q15: May I pay my registration fee with a credit card?  

Answer: Yes, please visit the Registration page for more information. 

Q16; Are there commercial gardens and/or open gardens in the area to visit?  

Answer: Yes, we will have a list at the Convention Registration Desk.  Please contact the garden owner before visiting the garden. 

Q17: Do I have to be a member of AIS to attend the convention?  

Answer: No, anyone can attend, as long as you register and follow the registration process.

Q18:  Is it dangerous to be out late in Newark and New York City?  

Answer: The hotel suggests that you do not go out by yourself.  Go with another person or a group of people.  Be aware of your surroundings.

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